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Gamifying your social studies classroom

Gamifying or gamification is just a supposedly new twist on something that teachers have been using since the stone ages. It is not only...

Will gamification be the future of education?

By Matthew Lynch The world of gaming has been intertwined with the world of education for a long time. “Johnny’s test scores are suffering because he...

What is gamification?

The breakthrough happened after the student took the Bartle's Gamer Profile Quiz and we found out that he was a "killer." Off-the-charts killer, but...

How Gamification motivates the masses

How Gamification motivates the masses What’s new about gamification? Organizations have borrowed elements such as points and badges from games and used them to motivate...

Ultimate guide to gamifying the classroom

The Ultimate Guide to Gamifying Your Classroom By Amanda Ronan No one wants to been seen as the stuffy teacher stuck in the past who...

The Gamification of Education

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeKEBU2YnTw&w=560&h=315]

Can An iPad App Help Solve The Literacy Problem?

Learn With Homer is a new app that provides a comprehensive contextualized literacy curriculum that kids can use at home on the iPad. The app...



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